Bowled Over Slots

If you guessed that bowling was the theme in the Bowled Over slot, you were correct. Bowled Over packs in some entertaining features, and while it may not look the most advanced slot out there, it does hold some surprises in store. It begins with a cut scene to get things moving, and then it is your turn to play…

Which developer came up with the bowling theme?

You might have heard of Rival Gaming – they are the ones responsible for this creative slot.

Demo possibilities

You can try the practice version of Bowled Over if you wish, to get a feel for what it can offer you. Will this bring you all the elements you expect to see in a favorite slot?

A nifty bowling theme is ready

Yes, and if ten-pin bowling is your thing, you’re going to enjoy this one. You don’t need any knowledge of the game to play it either, which is good.

Design and theme features

We are inside the bowling alley to play this slot game. The alley stretches away from us and the reels appear over the top of it. It’s a bit disappointing to see the usual numbers and letters appearing as the low-value symbols, but everything else is related to the theme.

What should you expect to find in the Bowled Over online slot game?

This five-reel slot has lots of prizes available, but these are restricted to the ones you see in the paytable. No progressives are found here. If you can find the male bowler in every spot on the same paid line, the jackpot of 3,000 credits would be yours.

Watch out for a set of white pins featuring red stripes too. This is the wild. It only appears on reels one and two, but whenever it does, it turns into an expanding wild before pays are awarded. Those are two handy reels to see it on. The wild carries a 2x multiplier as well.

We also get a scatter symbol, this time shown as a female bowler. Those are the main things to watch for as you play. Oh, and the bowling ball appears as the bonus icon too.

How many paylines are involved?

There are 20 in the game, and you can choose how many you want to bet on. We recommend covering all of them with lower coin values.

Place your bets

The coins range from a cent to a quarter in Bowled Over. Each line can also accommodate up to 10 of your chosen coins.

Paytable details

You can go through to the paytable by selecting the button in the top right or left of the site. The paytable reveals more about the features, special symbols, and associated prizes.

Bonus chances

If you would like to try a real game of bowling, the bowling ball can take you there. Find three and you’ll play 10 frames! This means the bonus carries on for a while, potentially producing some nice winning opportunities.

Free spins for three bowlers…

The female scattered bowler, in this case. If she appears three times, she’ll earn you 10 free games at 2x multiplier. You’ll get 20 games for four scatters including a 3x multiplier. And as you might guess, 40 freebies are granted whenever you can find five scatters. These have a bigger multiplier too, coming in at 4x.

Do we know the RTP?

It’s not clear, but many other games from Rival carry values of around 95%.

Our rating for Bowled Over

This is a solid 8 out of 10 game for us. We think the bonus is great, although we were never able to unlock it. Add the free games and multipliers and there is a lot to appreciate here.

What could the biggest winner expect to receive?

The 3,000-credit top prize is great, but we suspect there are opportunities to put together some nice prizes in the free games and the bonus feature.

Play the demo to begin

This gives you a feel for what to expect in this game.

Play for real at all good Rival Gaming casinos online

If you want to try your hand at some virtual bowling, you can find the slot inside all reputable online Rival casinos.

Mobile action is available too

You can visit your favorite Rival casino on Android or iOS and find this game included in the mix.