Could you ask for any more than that? We’ve divided all our games up into specific areas, to make accessing your favorites easier than ever before. You can choose:

  • New games
  • Online slots
  • 3-reel slots
  • Video poker
  • Table games

These options are all easy to go through to, enabling you to view all the available titles in each area. We always encourage our players to check out the new games, as these are among the freshest and most entertaining slots and casino games we can offer.

View a screenshot and click through to the game of your choice

How much simpler could it be to play a game at 888 Tiger? We doubt we could make it much easier. Choose the demo or real version and progress through to the game itself. Fast to load, easy to play, and packed with entertainment – we can guarantee that for every game we have.

Enjoy titles from Rival and Betsoft

Two of the biggest providers of online slots and casino games are lending us their amazing collections. You can check out the best new titles from them in the new slots section. Meanwhile, Vivo Gaming also contributes games to our site, so be sure you don’t miss their options.

Play the best 3-reel Rival slots today

Some software developers have worked hard to create a superb collection of three-reel slots. Who said the best slots always need more reels? Rival Gaming certainly knows how to deliver a great three-reel game for players to appreciate. While you’ll certainly find some fruity titles included in this collection, get ready to discover some more unusual elements too. Rival knows what players love to find in their games, and so they deliver countless versions of the famous three-reel slot game for your convenience.

Bigger, better, and bolder – enjoy 5-reel Rival slots

Are you keen to transfer your gameplay from three reels to five? Rival has got you covered. From wilds to scatters and bonus features to free spins, you never know what awaits you around the next corner. That’s what Rival is counting on, and they use that to great effect in helping them deliver some super slots we know you are going to love. The latest releases have covered some intriguing themes, but the older ones still stand tall too.

Are i-Slots the best slots around?

If you love a slot game with a story to it, you’re going to love the i-Slots range from Rival Gaming. This is unlike anything else you may have experienced online. There are slots… and then there are slots that go deeper and provide a greater sense of story than you would get elsewhere. Most of these games are now available with practice play, so if you would like to see how i-Slots work, it is easy to find out more without wagering a cent on them.

3-reel Betsoft slots deliver a great gaming experience

Betsoft has won over countless fans over the years. The company has developed lots of fantastic slots to play, many of which stick to the tried and tested format of offering players just three reels to spin. If you fancy a change from bigger and bolder games, maybe some of their three-reel ones are worth trying. Don’t assume they are filled with nothing but fruit though – they’ve got lots more to offer you than that.

Are you a fan of 5-reel Betsoft slots?

Have you tried these games yet? Betsoft delivers countless versions of the five-reel slot to check out, and many players will count several of them among their favorites. While not all the games are delivered in glorious 3D, most of them are, especially the newer options. You can expect the usual wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds, but there are plenty of variations in these games too. Will you be enamored by the themes, the ideas, and the characters you will meet? Try some five-reel Betsoft slots today and see what you think.

With different features to look forward to and lots of appeal as well, you can rest assured the time you spend at 888 Tiger Casino will be packed out with entertainment. What more could you ask for?

Casino games and how to play them at 888 Tiger Casino

With slots lining up against video poker and table games at this casino, you won’t be short of inspiration on which titles you should play next. You can certainly look out for the opportunity to play anything that takes your fancy, although the most important element is to think about how to play each title.

Fortunately, it couldn’t be any easier to do so. You can read the rules of each game in the paytable and associated areas of the title. Once you’ve reviewed those areas, you’ll know which prizes are on offer and how they can be won. Make sure you choose a game you thoroughly understand and try a demo before moving on.

Make sure you understand the rules of each game you play

This is very important. If you get stuck on anything, trying the demo is a great way to resolve any queries. You could also read reviews of the game or ask some questions online if you need to. Honestly, though, most games are self-explanatory and once you’ve tried the practice version a few times, this should iron out any issues you might have.

Don’t choose a real game yet – try the demo first

We mentioned this already, but it is worth repeating here. The demo of a game is identical to the real one. The difference is that you do not need to pay to play the practice version. You simply need to play using the demo credits loaded into the game before you begin.

Choosing the best casino game to play for real prizes

Trying the practice versions of some games gives you the chance to see which ones you love most. We all have our favorites, don’t we? Once you’ve chosen a few, you can look at the betting options for those games to see if they suit your budget preferences. Smaller wagers mean you can continue playing for far longer, so that is worth remembering.

Mobile play at 888 Tiger Casino

Yes, you can visit the casino on a mobile device too, such as an Android tablet, an iPhone, an iPad, or an Android smartphone. The screen may be way smaller than you are used to, but the format of the games is different to reflect this. It means you can enjoy getting the most out of each game and appreciate the experience you have too.

Are you a download or an instant play person?

Some players prefer one over the other. That’s why we guarantee you’ll get the chance to enjoy our casino in the best way for you. Will it be a downloadable casino for you or the instant play version that makes use of your browser? You decide?

Is there an app for 888 Tiger Casino?

No – we haven’t created one as our casino is designed to work without it. It makes it easier for you as you won’t need to continually update it every time we make changes.

Where do games with the best and worst odds fit in?

Odds are just part of the online casino games equation. It’s important to understand the other aspects of a game too. Of course, you want the best odds of winning something if possible. Looking at the RTP of a game gives you an idea of how much cash taken from the game is repaid in prize money. It doesn’t give you an idea of the outcome of a single session of play though. You could lose everything you wager… or you could get the jackpot dropping into your lap. You simply never know.

That’s why we always highlight the importance of enjoying the games you choose at 888 Tiger Casino (and indeed every other casino you use). Slot games tend to have lower RTPs and lower odds of winning prizes than, say, blackjack. But the latter is a far simpler game and doesn’t appeal to everyone. So, make sure you select the type of game you love most, and then find the one with the best odds you can work with. You’ve got tons of choices to go through at 888 Tiger.

Will you have the best chance of winning if you play at this casino?

There are certainly lots of games that provide you with winning opportunities. Check out the RTP values for each of our games to see which ones offer the highest percentages. You can work with those to find the most popular games and experiences you could hope for.

How can you get the best player advantage when playing these games?

Remember the player advantage means you have the best chance of doing better than the casino. However, since enjoyment is the name of the game at 888 Tiger, we advise you to pick the games you know you will enjoy most. Look at volatility, RTP values, and themes to get to the titles you are going to be best suited to. We’ve got loads of those to choose from!