Fruit Bat Crazy Slots

Bats have appeared in several slot games before. They tend to crop up in Halloween-style games or those featuring vampires. But here, a fruit bat is the main star, featured in a game that delivers some intriguing possibilities. Are you ready to learn more?

Reels and paylines

There are five reels in Fruit Bat Crazy, but instead of paylines we will receive 243 potential ways to score some prizes.

Coin values

Way-win games mean you must place a single bet on each spin of the reels. The bet in action here is 40 cents per spin. There are various other options also available, reaching a maximum of $40 per spin.

Fruit Bat Crazy special symbols

If you think of bats, you probably won’t think of diamonds. However, a diamond does appear in the game as a wild symbol. It will only ever appear on reels two and four, but when it does it can stand in for other icons in the game.

There is also a gold coin that might appear on reels two, three, and/or four. These coins can be collected during play. Fruit Bat Crazy allows you the choice of buying your way into the bonus feature. By collecting coins, the price of that feature will gradually be reduced.

Bonus possibilities

Firstly, we have an Exploding Win Ladder in action. Whenever a win is spotted, the associated icons explode and are replaced by others. If more than one combo is garnered in the same spin, the icons explode in order of value from the lowest to the highest. If another prize is found with the new replacement symbols in place, the same process happens again. This carries on until nothing new is won.

What of the fruit bat, I hear you ask? Well, you must find as many bats as possible in a spin to secure some free games. Three bats will bring you 10 freebies, but the more you can find the more spins you will get. If you managed to get 15 bats filling the reels, you would secure 200 freebies. Yes, 200 free games could be yours.

Be ready to play the Fruit Bat Crazy slot game today

That fruit bat is the star of the show here, and since 15 of them would bring you 200 free spins, we think you will be watching for this icon above all others that might appear in Fruit Bat Crazy slots.