Big Bang Buckaroo Slots

That title would suggest a cowboy theme, but we think you might be surprised at what greets you on the reels. There is a touch of that theme here, but we also get to meet a robot wearing a cowboy hat. Rival Gaming came up with this idea, and we must say it can’t be compared to much else out there today. Does that mean we have stumbled across another hit entry to their collection?

Reels and paylines

We only get three reels here, but we do get the chance to play on five lines instead of just one.

Coin values

This can be enjoyed as a penny slot, but there are other options to consider. For example, the highest coin value is $5, and you can also choose to wager as many as five coins per line.

Big Bang Buckaroo special symbols

We mentioned the presence of a robot in this game, and he appears as a substitute symbol. There is nothing he won’t replace, although there is no multiplier connected to the special icon. He does make it simpler to come across a prize-winning line though. Find a robot along with two other identical symbols on the same line, and you can expect the appropriate prize to come your way. We would have liked to see a multiplier there, but at least we do get a wild to search for.

Bonus possibilities

Many three-reel games dispense with the idea of a bonus feature. That is the case with this game too. However, there is a jackpot of sorts up for grabs, and that might be enough to tempt you to play further. The robot is the key to getting it, and three are needed on a paid line to secure the pot. The amount won depends on how many coins you wagered on that line. You could net 400 coins with a one-coin bet, but the biggest amount would be 1,500 coins if you had wagered the maximum number of coins permitted per line.

Be ready to play the Big Bang Buckaroo slot game today

Big Bang Buckaroo features a nice little robot mixed with the cowboy theme to produce something more unusual. For a three-reel game, it sure does pack in a lot of entertainment and thrills. Will the robot come to your aid if you give this one a shot?